The Collins Award

The Collins Outstanding Professor Award is generously provided by the Carr P. Collins Foundation in order to recognize and honor outstanding teachers at Baylor University. Baylor's current Senior Class elects the Collins Outstanding Professor for each school year.

The Collins Professor receives a cash award of $10,000, recognition in University publications and citation on a plaque. The Collins Professor will also be required to deliver a special lecture on a subject of his or her choice. The lecture will be published and made available to the University community.

Previous recipients:  Dr. Joe Cox (1994), Dr. Rosalie Beck (1995), Dr. Randall O'Brien (1996), Dr. F. Ray Wilson (1997), Dr. D. Thomas Hanks (1998), Prof. Rachel Moore (1999), Dr. Chris Kearney (2000), Dr. Robert G. Packard (2001), Prof. Robert Jones (2002), Dr. Blaine McCormick (2003), Dr. Susan Wallace (2004), Maxey P. Parrish (2005), Dr. Michael F. Korpi (2006), Dr. Martha Colvin Agee (2007), Dr. Mona M. Choucair (2008), Dr. David W. Eldridge (2009), Dr. William D. Hillis (2010), Dr. Marcie Hannemann Moehnke (2011), Dr. Blair W. Browning (2012), Prof. Timothy Thomasson (2013), Dr. Paul M. La Bounty (2014), Dr. Mark D. Jonklaas (2015), Dr. Bruce E. Hodson (2016), Dr. Jonathan Tran (2017), Dr. Rebecca McCumbers Flavin (2018), Dr. Jane Haas Damron (2019), Dr. David Moseman (2020), Dr. Paul Zinke (2021), Dr. Mojgan Parizi-Robinson (2022), Dr. Thomas McGrath (2023) and Prof. Lotte Bostick (2024)