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2013 - Summer

Graduate School (GR)

Physical Therapy (PT)

PT 6V98
Physical Therapy Internship
6V98   Physical Therapy Internship                   0 to 36 sem. hrs.              
Prerequisite(s): Semester III courses and successful completion of comprehensive oral examinations.
   This year-long internship is a directed clinical experience in various physical therapy settings. The internship experience is designed to broaden and increase the depth of clinical practice to bring the student to the level of an independently practicing doctor of physical therapy. In order to achieve this level of experience, the internship will require both focused and non-focused experiences in a wide range of clinical practice environments.
01Closed23-1N/A19710----- 0 - 36Practicum
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Start Date: 08/05/2013; End Date: 08/08/2014
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