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Schedule of Classes - Office of the Registrar

Note: Status, Max Enroll, and Seats Available information contained in the Schedule of Classes below is real-time, and all other information is updated hourly. To view real-time class listings, please see the BearWeb "Look Up Classes" option (requires student ID number and PIN).

2013 - Summer

Seminary (SM)

Please select from the Course Categories below:
Christian Religious Education (CRED)
Covenant Groups (COVG)
Doctor of Ministry (DMIN)
Leadership/Administration (LEAD)
Mentoring (MENT)
Missions (MSSN)
Pastoral Ministry (PAST)
Pract Theology Sports Ministry (PTSM)
Practical Theology (PRTH)
Preaching/Worship (PRCH)
Theology (THEO)
Summer at Baylor