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Schedule of Classes - Office of the Registrar

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2012 - Winter

College of Arts (AS)

Please select from the Course Categories below:
Aerospace Studies (AS)
American Studies (AMS)
Anthropology (ANT)
Arabic (ARB)
Archaeology (ARC)
Art (ART)
Biology (BIO)
Chapel (CHA)
Chemistry (CHE)
Chinese (CHI)
Church-State Studies (CHS)
Civic Education and Community Service (CCS)
Classics (CLA)
Communication Sciences And Disorders (CSD)
Danish (DAN)
Ecology, Earth, Environ Sci (EEES)
English (ENG)
Environmental Studies (ENV)
Family And Consumer Sciences (FCS)
Film Digital Media (FDM)
Forensic Science (FORS)
French (FRE)
Freshman Academic Seminar (FAS)
General Transfer Work (GENL)
Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEO)
German (GER)
Greek (GKC)
History (HIS)
Italian (ITA)
Japanese (JPN)
Journalism (JOU)
Korean (KOR)
Latin (LAT)
Linguistics (LING)
Mathematics (MTH)
Medical Humanities (MH)
Military Science (MILS)
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Museum Studies (MST)
Neuroscience (NSC)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physics (PHY)
Political Science (PSC)
Portuguese (POR)
Pre-Health Professions (PHP)
Professional Development (PRD)
Psychology (PSY)
Religion (REL)
Russian (RUS)
Sanskrit (SAN)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPA)
Speech Communication (CSS)
Statistical Sciences (STA)
Swahili (SWA)
Telecommunications (CST)
Theater Arts (THEA)
Summer at Baylor