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Job Description For Piper Teacher (419250)

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Position Class
Job Family
Educational Resources
Education and Outreach
Piper Child Development Center (419)
FLSA Status
Exempt - Does not qualify for overtime

This position is crucial to maintain the necessary ratios and more importantly to provide the children with additional adult interaction and support in the classroom. This position will provide the classroom a stable and capable person to maintain the classroom when the co-teacher is not in the classroom. This position will also be a support to the University lab students who are in the classrooms for their lab hours associated with their Child and Family Studies classes.
Description Pct. of Time
Provide a teaching team to manage function of the assigned classroom. Orient and train substitute teachers, and volunteers. Provide a model of appropriate teaching and caregiving practices to support student’s experiences on a daily basis. 25%
Collaborate in the planning and implementation of all classroom activities that are based on each child's development 25%
Conduct developmental screenings as needed to the age of children you are teaching at scheduled intervals. Maintain online developmental portfolios for each child 20%
Observe and monitor groups of children indoors and outdoors year round, assuring their health and safety. 10%
Maintain Texas childcare licensing, TRS, NAEYC standards at all times, Piper’s policies and procedures including providing trainings to parents, students and staff sharing your knowledge you gain from attending conferences supporting Piper’s beliefs 10%
Communicate daily with parents: make learning visible to parents, students, and faculty; and hold a minimum of two conferences with parents a year 10%
Total 100%
Functional Skills
Develops the steps necessary to accomplish long-term goals. Identifies long and short-term goals and establishes realistic plans to reach them. Allocates required resources, allows for contingencies and ensures that plans fit with the larger needs of the organization. Sets milestones to measure progress along the way. This is distinctly different from individuals who ignore long-term or short-term goals, fail to link their goals to broader initiatives, have not set realistic plans that allow for contingencies, and/or ignore the importance of milestones that could enhance motivation in the pursuit of long-term plans.
People Management
Encouraging Constituent Focus
Consistently conveys that internal and external constituents are the highest priority. Respects constituent needs and expectations and lets them know if their expectations cannot be met. Refrains from complaining about (or speaking negatively about) constituent behavior or expectations. Communicates in a manner that promotes and sustains constituent satisfaction and encourages others to do the same. Achieves these outcomes by ensuring that constituent's needs and deadlines are realistic and that they are met. Publicly recognizes those who deliver excellent service. This is markedly different than those who speak unkindly about constituents, fail to inform constituents about any unrealistic expectations, complain about constituents expectations, and fail to recognize or reward those who think and behave otherwise.
Personal Attribute
Is able to take on a variety of different tasks and roles in the organization. Can move in a relatively seamless manner from one task or focus to another and can fill in for other team members when they are absent or are experiencing work overload. This contrasts distinctly with individuals who have a limited number of skills or who convey a strong preference to work in narrowly defined arenas. In these circumstances, the individual's actual (or preferred) lack of range and flexibility typically reduces his/her value in a team environment.
Personal Development
Learning and Application of New Skills
Makes it a point to put new skills and knowledge to use on the job in a timely and effective manner. Applies new skills on the job before forgetting what was learned, and ensures that these skills are used to create a positive impact on a day-to-day basis. This is in direct contrast to those who delay efforts to apply new skills or knowledge or who allow themselves to get discouraged when new skills feel awkward or when they do not achieve immediate results. Such individuals typically fail to achieve the benefit of new skills and knowledge back on the job and frequently go back to their old ways of doing things.
Relationship Skills
Active Listening Skills
Tends to listens more than talk. Leaves others with the impression that their thoughts, opinions, feelings and needs are important. Helps others understand their feelings and their needs. This compares favorably with the behavior of individuals who talk more than they listen, leave others wondering whether perspective is important, and/or are not viewed as a potential "sounding board" that allows others to sort through and clarify their own feelings and needs.
Instructions and guidelines define overall goals and priorities under limited supervision. This position may have the authority to commit the employer in matters that have financial impact. Advanced knowledge is required in planning and completing assignments, resolving conflicts and coordinating work with others. This position has the authority to make decisions without direction from supervisor

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Child Development/Early childhood education

2 years
5 years

CPR & First Aid Certification, FBI Background check, Touchpoint
CPR & First Aid Certification, FBI Background check, Touchpoint

Strong knowledge of Child Development or Early Childhood Education. Strong communication skills, flexible, Conscious Discipline trained with NAEYC experience
Strong knowledge of Child Development or Early Childhood Education. Strong communication skills, flexible, Conscious Discipline trained with NAEYC experience

Workstudy students 25.00
Lab and practicum students 20.00
Immediate supervision of a single function or small group, within a department, where duties involve instruction, reviewing work and problem-solving.
Plans, assigns, directs and coordinates work of others; ensure that the group's work is completed within budget. Counsel subordinates on improving work quality.
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Work performed in a normal office environment. Occasional
Work performed in an environment requiring exposure to weather extremes. Frequent
Work performed in an environment requiring exposure to fumes, odors and noise. Frequent
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Physical effort with some handling of light weight such as supplies or materials (0 to 15 lbs). Constant
Physical efforts including standing, lifting and carrying light to moderately heavy materials or equipment. (15 to 50 lbs). Frequent
Physical effort such as pushing, pulling, bending, lifting, and carrying heavy objects (50 + lbs). Occasional
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Demands require close visual attention. Constant
Demands require prolonged mental concentration. Constant
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Exposure to hazards that may result in some injury, lost time, or threat to one's personal health. Never
Exposure to job hazards that may result in injury, lost time, total disability or death. Never
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