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Positions within Baylor University exist to support the mission, which is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.
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Associate Director of Operations & Technology
This position specifically supports the mission by providing programming, automation and reporting support, and serving as liaison with ITS.
Description Pct. of Time
Design and develop electronic forms and workflow solutions using OnBase Document Management System; design and develop unity scripts; design and develop dashboards using OnBase 50%
Develop dashboards and reports using PowerBI, Crystal Reports and SQL to support the mission of the Financial Aid Department. 30%
Supports Financial Aid Department staff through research, identifying and presenting technical options, and implementing resolutions. Focuses on listening, learning, research, and working well with others to support positive outcomes. 10%
Maintain population selections for communications. Develop reports to support the mission of the Financial Aid Department. 5%
Perform other duties as assigned to support the needs of the financial aid office team. 5%
Total 100%
Functional Skills
Evaluating New Technologies
Identifies the need for new technology, thoroughly assesses features, risks and benefits of alternatives, and matches new technologies to existing organizational skills and practices. This is in distinct contrast to those who fail to see technology needs or who recommend approaches or products without properly assessing features, risks and benefits and/or how well they fit existing skills and business practices.
Implementing New Technologies
Tends to identify and apply the steps and approaches needed to implement and integrate new technology in a manner that gains quick acceptance from stakeholders while minimizing disruptions to day-to-day work requirements. This is in distinct contrast to those who fail to anticipate and foster the level of planning, coordination and communication that is needed to ensure that transitions to new technology are relatively seamless and widely accepted by stakeholders.
Technical Skills
Possesses the technical skills and knowledge required to perform essential tasks in an efficient and effective manner. Demonstrates the willingness and ability to train or coach others in the technical arena. This is quite different than those individuals who lack technical skills or knowledge and/or have failed to demonstrate a willingness and ability to train others to perform well in technical assignments.
Personal Attribute
Applies creativity and originality in the work setting, when appropriate. Suggests or applies new ways of addressing ongoing work issues and challenges. Sees possibilities that others have not yet seen, or combines ideas and approaches suggested by others in a unique manner that results in breakthroughs and improvements. Understands when to be creative and when to stick with what exists now. This behavior contrasts with those who tend to focus exclusively on how things have been or how they are now and who tend to stick with traditional ways of doing things.
Personal Development
Learning and Application of New Skills
Makes it a point to put new skills and knowledge to use on the job in a timely and effective manner. Applies new skills on the job before forgetting what was learned, and ensures that these skills are used to create a positive impact on a day-to-day basis. This is in direct contrast to those who delay efforts to apply new skills or knowledge or who allow themselves to get discouraged when new skills feel awkward or when they do not achieve immediate results. Such individuals typically fail to achieve the benefit of new skills and knowledge back on the job and frequently go back to their old ways of doing things.
Relationship Skills
Sharing Knowledge
Makes it a practice to share new skills or knowledge with others in the organization. Keeps his/her manager informed of newly- acquired skills and knowledge and offers to share information, demonstrate skills or summarize learning for others on the team. This clearly differs from those who tend to hoard knowledge or skills and fail to see to it that new capabilities are shared with others to expand the benefits for the organization.
Relationship Building and Networking
Builds rapport and develops alliances with a broad range of people. Adjusts communication style to meet the needs of individuals at various organizational levels and to meet the needs of clients. Forms alliances by demonstrating concern and respect for others, as well as by highlighting common interests and aspirations. Leave others feeling that he/she will be a trusted ally and is careful to act in ways that reinforce that trust over time. This is in contrast with the behavior of individuals who tend to interact with a relatively narrow range of people or who fail to adjust their communication styles to accommodate others. It is also quite different than behavior that leaves the impression that the person is seeking to advance his/her own narrow agendas and interests.
Strategic Skills
Analytical Thinking
Breaks down problems and issues into sub-components and then assesses the costs, benefits and risks of various options prior to selecting a particular approach. This contrasts with the behavior of individuals who tend to attack problems without a thorough examination of all important components and ramifications; who fail to weigh the costs, benefits and risks associated with various alternatives; and/or who are unable to explain or justify their decisions in a logical and systematic fashion.
Instructions and guidelines are limited to objectives, priorities and deadlines. Questions are referred to supervisor. Decision making authority is limited to the supervisor.

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree

3 years
5 years

Exhibits Integrity, Creativity and Flexibility when working on group projects. Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. Knowledge of statistics and experience analyzing datasets. Knowledge of queries, report writing and experience presenting findings. Technical expertise in OnBase and SQL
Technical expertise with data extraction techniques. Knowledge of and experience with reporting packages (PowerBI, Business Objects, SAS, Crystal Reports). Technical expertise regarding data models, database design, and programming (.NET, C#, JavaScript)

This position does not have supervisory responsibilities.
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Work performed in a normal office environment. Constant
Work performed in an environment requiring exposure to weather extremes. Never
Work performed in an environment requiring exposure to fumes, odors and noise. Never
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Physical effort with some handling of light weight such as supplies or materials (0 to 15 lbs). Frequent
Physical efforts including standing, lifting and carrying light to moderately heavy materials or equipment. (15 to 50 lbs). Occasional
Physical effort such as pushing, pulling, bending, lifting, and carrying heavy objects (50 + lbs). Never
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Demands require close visual attention. Constant
Demands require prolonged mental concentration. Constant
Requirement/Condition Frequency
Exposure to hazards that may result in some injury, lost time, or threat to one's personal health. Never
Exposure to job hazards that may result in injury, lost time, total disability or death. Never
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